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people versus people: Emily Roooooooose!!! Wipe that. Tesco commercial

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Emily Roooooooose!!! Wipe that. Tesco commercial

Cam cum vorbeşte prima tipă din spot mai chirăi şi eu, from time to time, prin vreun amfiteatru.
The campaign includes 40 and 30-second TV ads and cinema ads. These will be supported by outdoor and press ads. The online activity has been created by the digital and direct agency Ruby.
Tesco Mobile has also adapted the tariff so that customers can benefit from a reward of triple credit by topping up £10 a month.
Tesco Mobile says: “We have a down to earth, no nonsense approach to mobiles. Our aim is always to champion the consumer and this new campaign clearly communicates the benefits of the “Triple your Credit” tariff to our pay as you go customers.

The thing:

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