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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

the 3 a.m. dilemma

What to do when you struggle to put yourself to sleep, you somehow manage, have a couple of nightmares and, all of a sudden, you wake up in the middle of the night at 3:00 a.m.?
Well, you can try to sleep anyway not minding the 3 a.m. boo-symbolism, you freak out and start google-ing and then praying or you try to get back to sleep and have fun reading about it in the morning.
I chose the last one. And I found out that...

-> I might be defective: "We all have enter clocks and yours definitely needs to be readjusted ---maybe a sleep expert through your dr could help "

-> God called. He's on the line 1: "3am is the 4th watch. The Lord wakes us up at this hour because it is then he can get our attention. During the day or when we first go to bed, we have other things on our mind. 3am is when our minds are clear and we can hear him and he can speak to us. When the Lord wakes you up at this hour or around this time, pray and listen. Sometimes we talk and pray to God but forget to listen to his answer. When you have a relationship with someone, you speak and then they speak. The same way with our relationship with Jesus. Never forget to be still and listen after you have prayed and talked with him. He wants to tell you what is on His heart. He wants to tell you that He loves you and will never leave you nor forsake you."... Woah!

-> I might be (slowly) dying: "I just learned that people who wake up between 3 and 4 am may have a problem with they kidney or lungs."

-> I may now enter the evil dimension: "Jesus died at 3 pm and the witches do their evil work at 3 am"

-> I might have a new friend: "I also wake up at 3am sharp.... And its been like that since i was 6 years old..... One day a friend with a really really good 3rd eye told me that ... I have an extension (like something else that is in me) i asked her what is that.... She did not reply... She said it gives her the creeps but she feels totaly safe when shes with me becoz it somehow protects me in someway... But scary if she looks me in the eyes when she saw it for the first time... I dont know what it is.. But its ok.....i just prayed a lot since then... Just be happy with it.... If you think your not alone.... Its only you there and your extension .. Make friends with it."

-> I'm depressed (no shit...): "I suffer from bipolar, and when I am in "depressed" phase, I tend to wake up at 3am every morning.. My therapist told me that this is very common for people with depression as it is when the mind is "at its darkest" and it is when we are most vulnerable."

-> I'm demon-free, it's just my fucking body: "There is an actual physiological, medical reason... this is the time when cortisol levels spike due to blood sugar dropping, and it is very common, especially in diabetics, or athletes, times of heavy stress, long hour jobs, or just people eating poorly throughout the day (going more than 5-6 hours without eating or too many refined foods). Their cortisol levels may be fine all day long until the night, when it spikes instead of drops. Something is tripping the sleep-wake cycle that needs to be corrected. The most common reason for this is due to a spike in cortisol, (think of it almost like adrenalin, but not as powerful), due to a drop in blood sugar. Your body increases cortisol levels when your blood sugar drops too low so it can pull glucose (sugar) from glycogen (stored sugar) from your liver. That surge in cortisol will wake you up. And you may wake up hungry, or not. And, if you're like me, sometimes it will result in panic attacks with terrifying events."

Personally, I'd prefer a combination between all of these. Makes you feel special.

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