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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Reconsidering Ubuntu

Freezing up here, reading some articles about Linux (the free operating system I'm too lazy to install). I found out some cool stuff and I feel like sharing.
I'll copy/paste some facts, then let you read it bu yourselves - of course, if someone's interested. pick:

1. The price of a license for Windows is equal to an amount of between one third and the entire cost of a new computer (depending on the version of Windows and the characteristics of the computer). So, unless you have obtained Windows illegally, you've paid. Where do you think Microsoft should take all their money?
Instead, you can get Linux is completely free. This is because many people in the world, worked hard to create a clear, safe, efficient and graphically beautiful.

Linux hardly contracted the virus. Certainly it is not just impossible to get one. However, Linux makes this very unlikely to happen.

Need new software? Linux already has a list of a huge number of programs. If you need some new program, simply open the Add /Remove Programs "on the left are the categories, click and right you have a list of programs that category.
Click on one and get a description of the program (it is also indicated the popularity with the number of stars). If you like you do not have to do is tick the left of the name, then click "Apply and OK. All done, now Linux will download the program, install it and settle in the category of membership.

4. Update all your software with a single click

5. The Windows programs on Linux with Wine
Well, many programs created to run under Windows, can run under Linux.

6. Never more your system unstable
Well, Linux can run for years without being rebooted (many servers run Linux, working hard and difficult to be restarted). Surely, with substantial updates that might affect the heart of the system, Linux also needs to be restarted.

7. Next generation 3D desktop: Linux uses them for some time

8. Immediate support, free and unlimited

9. Linux runs perfectly well on old-fashioned computer on which Windows XP, even refuse to install, or would you wait 20 seconds after each click. If this applies to XP, I will not dare even to talk about Windows Vista. Linux certainly will not make a fireball on your computer 12 years old, but it will run very well and will allow you to perform common tasks (surfing the net, write documents, etc..) Rather than dignity.

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