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people versus people: Oct, 1, 64 years later: US says "Sorry for infecting ya, folks!"

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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Oct, 1, 64 years later: US says "Sorry for infecting ya, folks!"

Facts: *Guatemalan subjects were infected with syphilis and gonorrhea (without their approval) by the U.S. Public Health Service.
*The US Government suddenly remembered about these experiments after prof. Susan M. Reverby posted her research results.

Post-Post factum:

"The sexually transmitted disease inoculation study conducted from 1946-1948 in Guatemala was clearly unethical. Although these events occurred more than 64 years ago, we are outraged that such reprehensible research could have occurred under the guise of public health. We deeply regret that it happened, and we apologize to all the individuals who were affected by such abhorrent research practices." (Hillary Clinton and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius)

Cynical joke:
A: What's the difference between a Nazi experiment and an American one?
R: The Americans do give a fuck about saving the appearances.

Of course, this happens all the time. People wait 'till it's found out, then apologize. Let's see what's next. And where. :)

Wanna read more about it? Here

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