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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Black and Blue

Well, fur melodii. Voi multumi pentru asta mai incolo.
Am visat si imi pot aminti. Am chef sa ii descriu cuiva in detaliu. Dar nu aici. The short way of saying it might be: "I've fallen in love with someone I don't know and doesn't exist. But it was there, the whole tremble and warmth." E ciudat pentru mine (mai ales ca, de obicei, nu-mi amintesc visele) sa dau de ceva atat de complex si de lung (am reusit s-o fac sa se supere dupa un curs and I ended up searching for her all the morning, pana m-a trezit alarma). I feel kinda empty. But I can reconstruct her face, at least in order to recognize her, if she'll be in my dreams again.

Nu-s genul sentimental, bla, bla. What's all the fuss, then?

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