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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

VSO - an alternative to think about

“If you are here because you pity us, if you came because you think you have the answers to our problems, if you expect that after two years you can look back on a project which you have established, there is no place for you here.

But if you are here because you have unanswered questions of your own, if you have come to receive as well as give, if after two years you will be happy to leave behind friends who have become more self-confident and proud as human beings because of the friendship you have shared with them, then please stay with us.”
(VSO partner, the Philippines)

Jumătate română, jumătate engleză. Postez dungat din nou. Mă tot întreb ce îmi lipseşte de n-am aplicat încă aici. Curajul de a mă căra indiferent de ce ar spune ai mei?
Masca opacă de grijă care mă prinde fix atunci când mă gândesc la cum ar reacţiona.
What is a lie?

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