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Thursday, April 21, 2011

the messiest period of my life
lack of concentration, grief, avalanche of feelings (all but one)

the pathetic thing is that when I saw this clip I started to think (once again) about that blurry concept called "God"...

PS: From Culinary Fictions: Food in South Asian Diasporic Culture:
"Along the way, Tilo meets and falls in love with a young Native
American named Raven
. It is this romance that ultimately tilts the novel
away from its critical freight, sacrificing a nuanced exploration of the
varied vagaries of immigrant life to produce a more palatable narrative
complete with narrative closure effected through the promise of romance
and heterosexual union.
In the novel, the lead-up to the eventual realization of heterosexual
is populated by a raw exposure of everyday immigrant life."

OK, I got it, you're having such a hard time when it comes to being tolerant all the way

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