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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

that's the spirit!! disertation haiku

James Kyung-Jin Lee

University of California, Irvine

Dissertation title: “Multicultural Dreams, Racial Awakenings: The Anxieties of Racial Realignment in American Literary Works of the 1980s.”

Black, Brown, Yellow, and White
Writers thought they were doing good.
Not so much.

from here via Mia Kalyiel

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  1. My fave is this one:

    Need video games!
    Distract from boredom, also stress.
    Better for boredom though.

    Nick Bowman

    Michigan State University

    I’m an assistant professor of communication studies at West Virginia University, where I study the psychology (uses and effects) of new media technologies such as social media and interactive entertainment media. My dissertation (Michigan State University, ’10) examined how video games can be used to regulate moods, especially boredom and stress. The three studies found that playing games that are increasingly demanding (i.e., require more input to be played) helped repair users’ bad moods, and the process worked especially well for bored people when compared to stressed people.

    It's just too ... expressive. xD