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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

how to live happily ever after

be born.
play, laugh, cry.
learn, read, fall in love.
have sex. a lot. whenever and wherever you (two, three, eh...etc.) feel like.
try to learn more. take memory pills when in brain ache. don't worry, you can erase your memories whenever you like.
have sex. love a little bit more. be dumped. get obsessed with someone or something.
start to grow up. fall in love. again. and again.
be depressed. continue your studies. try to learn, learn.
get high.
be a bitch with everyone around. then be sorry.
say it.
get extremely depressed.
make money (yeah, one could use a job) and go to one of these. be happy! it's all chemistry, after all.
change your job. be better. continuously improve your skills.
don't forget to play. whenever you have the chance to.
try not to die alone (to achieve this, is sometimes necessarily to die young).
get really fat, lose weight or stay the same - take some of these and you'll live enough to play some more.
to fuck with other person's mind.
"expand" your knowledge and your tolerance to some old/new issues.
have brutal sex and take it gently in your dreams.
take care of yourself. just for yourself.
hope you'll be in a relationship. or, at least, have sex with a sweet robot.
"transfer" your "energy" to something less biodegradable then your body.
a nice aluminum can might do the trick

uh, here comes the "after part"

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