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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

letter to my older self

do not be cruel
love like you've never loved before
play and laugh, act special
fight and be confident
be kind and don't be afraid to adore a couple of things
be a perfectionist...until the las moment of your life
constantly learn and don't let yourself down
be wrong, get right, live with your past errors like they're all part of you
go ahead, be schizophrenic if you can't deal with it
but never interfere with other people's expectations, hopes.
realistiC is not a big word and you might wanna be something like most of the time
don't be afraid to love and to tell them that.
no matter of gender, sex, nationality, religion, race, disability or social status.
be yourself but remember to be as good as you can.

the younger You.

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